3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kombucha Homebrewing Kit

If you’ve heard about the benefits of kombucha and thought about getting to know more about this unique beverage, then this article is just for you. The best way to learn more about it is to try your hand at brewing it at home with one of our kombucha starter kits.

Safe and high-quality ingredients

Whether you are starting out on your first homebrewing project or have done it before, the quality of ingredients in your starter fluid and SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) has an impact on your final product.

The original SCOBY you start brewing with plays a key role in determining the success of your brew! Also, ensure that you select good quality tea and fruits, as these will impact the quality of your flavours.

Predictable results 

Brewing kombucha on your own for the first time can be slightly tricky if you’re not sure about what to do and what the outcome should be! If the thought of hunting around the island for the various items needed for your brew tires you out, fret not. With our kombucha starter kit, you’ll receive everything necessary for your first brew, along with detailed instructions.    

With years of learning going into our brewing kits, feel rest assured and simply enjoy the process of making your very own kombucha!

There are so many resources online to share!

Even with our three-step brew guide and blog resources, we are aware from experience that you will probably have questions at some time during your brewing journey. 

We’ve been brewing, experimenting and trying out all things kombucha for years, and we love sharing what we know with our brewers. For years, we’ve been making, experimenting with, and trying out everything kombucha, and we are still learning new and creative ways people are utilising their kombucha (even in their salad sauces and cooking recipes!) today.

Head over to our blog for new resources and simply search online for fun and new recipes that incorporate kombucha.      

Conclusion – it takes a willingness to try

While it might take a little more effort at the start, brewing your own kombucha with your starter kits can be so rewarding. You can also tweak the recipes and add additional fruits or utilise various teas to get that perfect blend that suits you and your family’s tastes as well.      

So whether it is our starter kits or our own brewed kombucha, Elixr believes in serving our customers with the best Kombucha in Singapore – no shortcuts taken when it comes to the health and benefits it brings to everyone that drinks our beverages on a regular basis. Buy kombucha in Singapore with us or get your starter kits, and we’ll get your kombucha fix satisfied today!