4 Fun And Unique Recipes: Start Cooking With Kombucha

Give kombucha a try and you might just fall in love with it! Kombucha tastes great on its own and when mixed with other drinks like cocktails. But besides being a healthier choice of drink, did you know that you can also cook with kombucha?

Before you start cooking with kombucha, you need to choose the right flavours that will suit the meal. Check out these four fun and unique recipes that use kombucha.

1. Kombucha-based dressings

One common and easy way to incorporate kombucha into cooking is by using it in a dressing for salads or other foods. Dressings usually contain some lemon juice or vinegar to give it a tart and refreshing note. Kombucha is a great alternative. You can also choose to add some yoghurt into the mix if you prefer creamier dressings. Many flavours blend well with fruit, vegetables or even fish and meat, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new ingredients!

2. Kombucha-based sauces

Cooked sauces are undoubtedly one of the best comfort foods. And you can use kombucha in various ways for these types of dishes too! Pour some kombucha into your pan after cooking meat -- this mixture of kombucha and the excess juice in the pan makes up a delicious, lip-smacking sauce. Kombucha can also be used as a substitute for white wine or beer in some recipes.

3. Kombucha for poaching

Poaching is a popular method of cooking that is healthy and low in fat – where you can use different types of liquids to get the job done. One type of food that is often poached is fish. Why not switch up your usual lemon juice drizzle to kombucha instead? Add some herbs and get ready for a tasty and healthy dish in minutes.

4. Kombucha marinades

Marinades are another great way to start using kombucha in the kitchen. Marinades refer to highly flavoured liquids that you soak fish, meat, or vegetables in for a few hours or overnight before you cook them.

Consider attempting a kombucha and honey marinade for your chicken, or marinate meat with kombucha, balsamic vinegar and your favourite spices to make a scrumptious pot roast.

Kombucha marinades


Kombucha is a healthy yet versatile drink, so you can enjoy it as it is or mix it with cocktails and pair it with various food. If you’re planning on getting started on cooking with kombucha, try out these easy-to-use recipes or check out other simple recipes that utilise kombucha.

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