Demystifying Kombucha: How, When, And Where It Started?

It is no secret that kombucha is great for gut health. This healthy and tasty beverage is a popular alternative to fizzy drinks and flavoured juices because it has probiotic bacteria that can help improve one’s digestive and immune system.

Kombucha is classified as a functional beverage that contains antioxidants, probiotics, good bacteria, acetic acid and many other beneficial compounds! It is usually prepared through two-part fermentation processes. In the first fermentation, a SCOBY, or symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, is added to sweetened black or green tea and fermented at room temperature for one to three weeks. Thereafter, the brew will be bottled for one to two weeks with fruits to extract the natural sugars found.

In this article, we delve a little deeper into the history of kombucha – when, where and how this popular fermented beverage began.    

The history of kombucha

History has it that Kombucha originated during the Qin Dynasty in Northeast China. Ancient Chinese people referred to it as the “Elixir of Life” because of its healing properties and the belief that it helps build a good immune system. It was known as the “tea of immortality” and “wonder tea”.

It is believed, though, that its name was derived from Dr Kombu, a Korean doctor who brought the fermented beverage to Japan to treat Emperor Inkyo in 414 CE. It was then brought to Europe, particularly Germany and Russia, in the early 20th century. When there was a shortage of tea and sugar supplies during World War II, the popularity of kombucha waned. In more recent history, the increased focus on fermented foods and their positive impact on the gut has put kombucha in the spotlight once again.

In the 1990s, kombucha became increasingly popular. This was because many people believed in the powerful health benefits of kombucha. Sandor Katz, a leading fermentation expert who authored the book titled The Art of Fermentation, supported this. He said that a friend of his started drinking the ancient beverage and started to see improvements in his diet and lifestyle. He noted that this fermented drink is a general immune stimulant that can improve one’s general health when regularly consumed.

Kombucha today

Demand for kombucha has slowly but surely been increasing due to the growing interest in fermented foods and their health benefits. Many online shops sell this beneficial drink! Aside from that, more people are now making conscious efforts to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

People who are big on great tasting and healthy drinks have found that kombucha can be a very versatile drink.  Kombucha adds that pop of fizz and flavour to your regular beverage. Do you love your drinks slightly sweeter? Add some fruit juice or a couple of teaspoons of honey to your fermented kombucha. You can even use it as part of the base of various marinades. Use kombucha instead of vinegar for that tangy and tart taste. Kombucha can be incorporated in such a wide variety of uses that it can easily fit into almost anyone’s lifestyle and diet for that extra boost to one’s immune system.

Kombucha today


Kombucha is an excellent addition to your diet, especially if you want to improve your gut health. Now that you have learnt a little more about the history of kombucha, you may be wondering where to buy kombucha in Singapore.

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