The Unique Properties of Kombucha & What They Are

More people are gaining awareness about kombucha. Whether you’ve learnt about this beverage through word-of-mouth, reading online articles, or even receiving our first kombucha starter kit from a friend during a gift exchange, it’s hard to be unaware of this healthy beverage that has been lining supermarket shelves over the past few years.

Although kombucha is not a panacea drink, we have been actively drinking and making it for years because of how fantastic it makes us feel. We’ve previously shared an overview of the benefits of kombucha before, but we would like to go deeper in exploring how these benefits of kombucha can actually benefit our lifestyle.

Kombucha has a low acidity

Kombucha has a low acidity due to the fermentation process. This low acidity between pH 2.8-3.3 gives kombucha its unique properties and balanced, refreshing flavor that leaves you wanting more!    

Kombucha acts as a wonderful soda and alcohol substitute 

The amount of calories in a well-fermented kombucha is generally lower as compared to alcohol or other soft drinks. Kombucha is also loaded with a range of vitamins, prebiotic and probiotic bacteria that support good gut health!

Due to the fermentation process, kombucha is naturally carbonated, giving you a fizzy and refreshing mouthfeel!

Kombucha’s adaptogens aid in reducing sugar cravings.

If you need a morning energy boost, a noon pick-me-up, or an evening nightcap, grab a cup of kombucha! Kombucha is known to be rich in antioxidants and making this delicious drink an adaptogen.

An adaptogen-rich beverage will help your body adapt (thus the name adaptogen) to what it needs. If you’re trying to limit your dessert intake but still crave something sweet, try a kombucha smoothie bowl or a glass of kombucha. It could be exactly what your body needs!

Conclusion – it’s all a process and journey!

Truly, kombucha isn’t a miracle medicine. It still takes discipline and planning in order to get to that ideal lifestyle that we want. However, we’ve seen kombucha used as a substitute for many sweet and alcoholic drinks, and those coupled with the health benefits can often result in notable positive changes in the long run.

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