Kombucha Flavour Collection

At Elixr Inc, we believe that the quality and safety of our kombucha takes top priority.

Our kombucha is freshly crafted and brewed in small batches in a Singapore Food Agency (SFA) licensed facility, ensuring that all products adhere to strict food safety standards.

We sell a wide variety of flavours to cater to specific likings. Our kombuchas are brewed with cane sugar and black tea as the base. If you are looking for a tropical flavour that reminds you of kicking back and chilling by the beach with a cocktail in your hand, then try the Mango Vanilla Basil Kombucha. On the other hand, if you are having a fancy dinner and want something healthy yet exquisite, like good wine, we recommend trying our newest flavour, the Grape Peppermint Kombucha. The current best selling flavour is our Lychee Mint Kombucha, which has a fruity-floral flavour with a slightly minty note. For a refreshingly sweet and zesty flavour, we also have Calamansi Sour Plum, our seasonal favourite.

Pairing kombucha with your next meal

One method you can utilise when pairing your kombucha with your next meal is sticking with a similar flavour profile. For example, if the meal you are having consists of tropical and tangy elements, you can pair it with a similarly-flavoured kombucha. A lighter flavoured kombucha goes well with a sweet or savoury dessert. If you are having a casual bite such as a sandwich or salad, having a kombucha with a fruity note elevates the meal. Lastly, kombuchas with sharper or spicier notes go well with pickled vegetables.

Besides selling individual bottles, we also offer gift sets of five of our favourite flavours, kombucha brewing kits, and a subscription option.

Opt for delivery to have kombucha delivered to your doorstep! So, try some of the best kombuchas you can find in Singapore now!