Hibiscus Kombucha Powder

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Hibiscus Kombucha Powder
(5 servings/box)

✨Delicious and refreshing Hibiscus flavoured kombucha
✨Contains live probiotics
✨Convenient, easily dissolves in cold water!
✨Contains Vitamin C
✨NO alcohol
✨NO artificial or alternative sweeteners

Benefits of Hibiscus Kombucha:

Each sachet of Elixr Inc’s Hibiscus Kombucha Powder contains 1 billion CFUs of live probiotics to support good gut health! Made from fully fermented kombucha, our Hibiscus kombucha tea powder carries the lovely sweet and tart balance characteristic of kombucha. Free of alcohol, it is delicious and convenient!

Simply dissolve in 200ml of cold water and add ice, and you have a refreshing drink ready wherever you are!

Nutritional Information:

  •  1 sachet – 31 kcal
  •  1 billion CFUs of probiotics
  •  Contains Vitamin C
  •  0g fat, 0.12g protein, 1.32g dietary fiber, 2.76g sugars, 0.22g sodium, 1 billion   CFUs of Lactospore Bacillus Coagulans
  •  Allergen Advice: May contain milk

How to prepare:

To prepare, simply add 1 sachet of Hibiscus Kombucha Powder mix to 200ml of cold water and stir. Packed in a box of 5, this instant kombucha powder is extremely convenient to prepare, whether overseas or at home!

For any questions about our instant kombucha tea powder or kombucha powder benefits, please feel free to chat with us.

Our kombucha powder orders will be shipped in 1-3 days. We ship our kombucha powder in Singapore and internationally to Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently, we deliver our kombucha powder packets for FREE in Singapore until the end of September 2022.

Kombucha is fermented tea usually made from black or green tea. A “mother” SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) helps to convert sugar and tea into delicious kombucha!

Once the kombucha is fully fermented, we use advanced food technology to protect the kombucha while turning it into a powder. The live probiotics are also protected and remain alive in the kombucha powder mix.

Elixr Inc’s Hibiscus Kombucha Powder has a billion CFUs of live probiotics, no alcohol and no artificial sweetener or stevia. With our instant kombucha powder sachets, you just need to add cold water, stir and serve!