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The popularity of kombucha is on the rise in Singapore as more people are starting to make and sell it from the comfort of their homes. If you have ever wondered what it takes to start brewing your own kombucha, look no further!

We understand the joy good kombucha brings and want to help you discover the wonderful process of brewing your very own kombucha. With this in mind, we have come up with the best and most comprehensive starter kit!

Each starter kit includes:

  • 1x Silicon brewing vessel
  • 1x Kombucha starter
  • pH test strips
  • Teabag
  • Sugar
  • Instruction sheet


How long should kombucha be brewed for?

Depending on personal preference and how strong you want the kombucha to taste, it is recommended to let your kombucha ferment for 7 to 14 days in a warm spot away from direct sunlight. A shorter brewing time results in a sweeter and less tart flavour profile.

Can I reduce the sugar amount or substitute any ingredients?

For your very first batch of home-brewed kombucha, we recommend following the measurements indicated in the instruction sheet for the best results. As you become more familiar with kombucha and fermentation, you can experiment with varying the recipe and even changing some ingredients!

How else can I brew kombucha with this starter kit?

Elixr Inc kombucha is brewed with cane sugar and black tea. However, you may experiment by using other types of tea, adjusting fermentation time, or introducing flavours through fresh fruits and herbs.

Is the use of a SCOBY really necessary in making kombucha?

The SCOBY you normally see is a product of the kombucha making process but not necessary to start it. This kit will show you how to grow your own SCOBY using our kombucha starter!

Let your imagination and palate run wild!

Each starter kit also comes with a box of kombucha powder and free delivery to any location in Singapore! Price is inclusive of GST.


*Due to logistical issues, some products may be delivered in bottles different from the image.